BITR_frontcoverThe 1970 St. Louis University High football team was undersized and not very fast, had no home field, and played half its games against Top 10 teams in the state of Missouri. Improbably, that team made it to the state championship game. The great but naïve ambition of the young Baby Boomers who played on or supported that team was tempered by the frightening, threatening social turmoil of the late 1960s. In addition to the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, an often-violent protest culture in America, and a generation conflict, these teenagers had to cope with a very personal tragedy on the brink of the season. Bull in the Ring is the story of how football and their faith became a refuge for them then, and the place that season has held in the lives they went on to live. It is available in paperback for purchase on Amazon.

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